FutureScot Conferences are the leading forums for senior stakeholders engaged in digital transformation of Scotland’s public services, economic recovery and climate change targets.

The Scottish Government’s digital strategy is committed to ensuring public services, enterprise and citizens have the ability to fully participate in our digital nation.

Our conferences offer an unrivalled platform for influential stakeholders to interact on these key topics. Whether you are involved as a sponsor, a speaker or attending as a delegate, you can be assured to hear from expert speakers and learn from practical exemplars of how digital adoption and strategic aspirations can transform into tangible deliverables.

We work closely with the Scottish Government Digital Directorate to maximise opportunities for everyone involved. Sponsors forge new connections and delegates leave our conferences energised and inspired, fuelled by new ideas, knowledge and connections.

All FutureScot Conferences will be delivered in a live format subject to Scottish Government guidance. Due to current Covid Tiers we are running all events on our virtual platform. We can pivot to hybrid or to a live format at short notice courtesy of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).


Scotland’s flagship networking forums for public sector digital professionals 

Digital leaders across Scotland joined us virtually on 1st December 2020 to explore the digital journey for public services and the delivery of Scotland’s National Performance Framework Goals.

Upcoming events:
Digital Scotland – 23 November 2021, The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)


FutureScot’s Cyber Resilience focus is to connect Government and the wider public sector organisations with the latest thinking on prevention, identifying and responding to cyber threats.

Upcoming events:
Public Sector Cyber Resilience Virtual Conference – 23 February 2021
‘A Cyber Week Scotland Event’




Exploring the collaborative journey in digital justice and policing with Government and the Scottish criminal justice partners, outlining the developments and priorities that are shaping the way justice services are being transformed in Scotland.

Upcoming events:
Digital Justice & Policing Virtual Conference – 11th March 2021




The digital transformation of health and care systems in Scotland is vast, we assess the impact of a global pandemic and the innovative response from NHS and Care providers

Upcoming events:
Health & Care Transformation –  31 March 2021,




The experience of delivering education during lockdown saw school and college leaders embrace new technology at an unprecedented rate; we explore the challenges and lessons learnt from lockdown, as a catalyst of opportunities for Digital Teaching and Learning for years to come.

Upcoming events:
EduTech Primary & Secondary Education– 10 June 2021
On Demand:
Digital Teaching & Learning – Lessons from Lockdown
Webinar – The power of video in BGE and Senior Phase education


This is crucial forum to examine how colleges and universities can better equip themselves to lead their organisations through the digital transformation process and navigate the challenges posed by current disruptions.

Upcoming events:
The Future of Further & Higher Education – 6 October 2021, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)




Putting in place the foundations for tomorrow’s digital infrastructure technology through improved information management systems and digital technology to enhance service delivery, regenerating communities and achieving cost efficiencies.

Upcoming events:
The Digital Estate – Tuesday 21 September 2021, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)
Future-Proofed Digital Infrastructure – Coming Soon



If digital is to be an engine of economic growth in Scotland and help drive efficiencies, our citizens really need to be more than just users of IT. We explore how skilling and re-skilling a digital and data ready workforce is going to be crucial for Scotland’s economic recovery.

Upcoming events:
The Future of Skills & a Digital Workforce – Coming Soon



With the recent AI Strategy and a dedicated Data Delivery Group (DDG), Scotland is fortunate to have some of the best data, and world leading expertise. We explore how organisations can best harness data to its full potential by driving innovation, improving public services and unlocking economic value – saving time, money and lives.


Upcoming events:
A Data & AI Vision for Scotland – Coming soon


The Smart City model advocates the use of digital technologies to provide better services and empower and improve the health and well-being of citizens. Hear how smart networks in Scotland will transform the way we travel, work, live and learn, with real-time data providing enhanced understanding of the way our cities flow and operate.

Upcoming events:
Creating Scotland’s Truly Smart Regions – Coming soon



As the public sector accelerates adoption of a ‘Cloud First’ approach, how do we overcome challenges, ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems, and achieve improved outcomes for citizens.

Upcoming events:
Adopting A Cloud First Approach – Coming soon




Worldwide environmental issues have shown us that digital adoption is more important than ever, driving fundamental change and transformation to ensure we meet our climate goals in Scotland.

Upcoming events:
Digital Solutions to Climate Change – Coming soon




The way in which organisations are approaching service design and user experience is changing. Find out how the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD) aims to introduce new ways of working, using technology to transform and improve outcomes for citizens.

Upcoming events:
A Scottish Approach to Service Design – Coming soon





If you would like more information on upcoming conferences, or to enquire about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at a FutureScot conference, please email enquiries@futurescot.com for rates and availability.